08-0531 tour de francis - heartbreak
tour de francis - heartbreak 5/31/08

50+ riders from team adobo, san fernando, san diego and more embarked on the 100 mile tour de francis - heartbreak ride. this route crossed five different counties (santa barbara, ventura, san luis obispo, kern, and los angeles).

saggers: francis, nicki, mj, regina, alan, david, rick, emery, vince, victor, edgar, mandy

i woke up at 4:30am to get ready and meet the other saggers and riders at alan's house. patrick rode with david, mike rode with vince, and alan rode with me. we all caravaned to frazier park by about 7am. everyone met up at the flying j. all the riders were setting up and signing in for the ride. they all took off close to 8am.

the ride started off nice and cool, but it warmed up in the afternoon. i made several stops along the way to help take pictures, guide the way, and set up food for the riders. it was awesome to drive and encourage the riders as they were climbing! i enjoyed the very scenic route through the five counties. i definitely did not envy the riders as they were struggling on those steep climbs!

for the most part, i did caravan with francis and his kids to the stops that we needed to go to. after the lunch, mike didn't want to continue because of his back, so we drove back to the flying j to help set up the end of ride meal.

the leaders of the pack were pretty fast and we did not anticipate them to finish by around 2:30pm. edgar arrived with the food and set it up shortly after. the food was so good! loved the adobo chicken!

gerald was also riding and he did a great job! he stayed pretty much in the middle of the pack, but always gained distance on the descents. he finished the ride like i knew he would. i was so proud of him!

everyone ate their share and watched as more riders came in to the finish. i was so proud of m.e.! she was the last rider, but she made it! m.e., patrick, and gerald all shared with me earlier in the week that they didn't know if they could finish the ride and all of them finished! i was so happy for them and all the other riders who endured the challenge!

congratulations to all you crazy riders!

thanks francis for letting me be a part of this fun event! let me know if you ever need me to sag again. :)

i look forward to the next tour de francis! who knows, maybe i'll be riding instead of sagging.
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