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octopus in PLA | by s p e x
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octopus in PLA

I very much like the transparency of the PLA, and it is definitely more rigid/brittle.


Also, the lower temperatures (especially for the platform) mean a quicker start from ambient temps.


I think, though, that 220 is pretty high for PLA printing. I've had it seize several times under different circumstances. lowering it to 195 made a huge difference. I will soon try a bit lower too.


UPDATE: 192 was as low as I could go without making a mess (mostly from not sticking to the platform). And yet at 192 the overall results (especially at thin towers) were markedly better than even 195. The above print was done at 220, but the results at 192 are worth posting/comparing. I'll have to add another picture of that. (Here you can see them compared.)


Oh, and it is worth noting that this print has lots of extra shells/layers which I forgot to turn off after the pink panther lady print.


The lower temp and fewer shells/layers makes for a much more transparent (and less creamy looking) print.

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Taken on August 22, 2012