Across the River Styx [2007 Solo Show]
These are images I plan on using for a possible solo show in 2007, in Melbourne Australia, gallery yet to be chosen, they are at this stage simply work prints which means many more hours will be spent on them in the darkoom getting them ready to exhibit in a real gallery.

Ultimately I plan on having about 25-30 prints in the final show. Currently I have only printed about a dozen or so. I will add these new ones over the coming weeks. [edit, 06.12.10, the show is in a smaller space than I originally planned, plus, I'm making bigger prints than I originally planned as well, so I'm now aiming for 12-16 shots in total]

Best viewed on a CRT monitor, use this image as a guide to see if your monitor is calibrated for optimum photo viewing.

I have been accepted to show my solo show in a small artist run space in Footscray, as a consequence the final show will have 7 pieces total all will be large inkjet prints, 1 metre square.

The show dates are, 22nd March to the 7th of April 2007, Trocadero Art Space Level 1 119 Hopkins St Footscray.

As of today, 18.02.07, these are the work prints out put from Live Picture, my Photo-editing app of choice.

[Edit, the Final one]
Thanks to all who attended the opening, the show from what I can tell, was a success.
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