trolleys ~ mobilephone
Too easy they are, and everywhere as well, where I live anyway. Sadly I changed phones and resolution several times since I began the project, still it's fun

A long long time ago when I got my first phonecam I saw it, the phonecam, as an interesting experimental tool to use somewhat like a polaroid as a kind of quick intuitve response to what was going on around me. Not really taking them, the shots, that seriously, but I liked the immediacy of it and the lo-fi look and feel.

Around the same time I was getting into an excercise regime with my wife and I noticed while we walking that were many, many trolleys lying around our suburb. I began grabbing the odd shot as we wandered past and as the light levels were often beyond the functions of the phone cam I sometimes got weird results. I found this fascinating and fun as well as interesting.

The challenge remains in using all Lo-Fi cameras, how to make an interesting photo, with NO control over it's functions?

Nonetheless the irony of using a high tech modern consumer device to capture images of a low tech consumer devices appealed to some obscure part of my imagination. From that point forward they, the trolleys seemed to be everywhere?
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