fridge bridge and a dirt track

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    For a planned show in 2007 taken in the late 80's early 90's

    fwiw these are *work prints* which means, they will look very different by the time they hit the wall in 2007 - in subtle photographic ways of course ;)

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    1. digiboy84 111 months ago | reply

      ahhhhhhhh. the throw away society with live in...

    2. s2art 111 months ago | reply

      » @ yeled, yeh it's funny you know I went through stages in those days, playing around with dof, these days when I whip out the 5x4, it's f64 all the way baby :D

      @ digiboy-in-nippon, thank god is all I say :D

    3. digiboy84 111 months ago | reply

      stu, i find the 6x6 format easier to compose than the 35mm format.

    4. s2art 111 months ago | reply

      » that's intersting chris, a lot of folks can't deal with the "lack of tension" the square provides :)

    5. digiboy84 111 months ago | reply

      mmmm... suppose it also depends on the subject matter. also, what you are trying to achieve...(or photograph)

    6. yeled 111 months ago | reply

      @stu, yep, i think it would be interesting to go back to focus etc.. as trite as it may seem sometimes, you've used it reallly well here!

    7. Gilfer [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

      Great shot. There's so much going on here, but it doesn't feel cluttered or overwhelming.

    8. Kent Johnson 111 months ago | reply

      I am a bit in with didgiboy. I really enjoy composing square images & back in the 80's it was my format of choice. In the last 2 weeks since I decided 'compose' square shots & NOT ZOOM things have really improved! Moving your body not your lens must be endemic now every digi has a zoom.

      Do you gaffer the zoom barrel on the students cameras s2art?

    9. artelisa 111 months ago | reply

      this series gets more interesting with every picture and i'm not really sure if this could be true - but i think a square 'says it' somehow if it's taken 'direct' as square or in a later postprocessing
      thisone is like a statement about zivilisation and modern living for me - i like it very much

    10. s2art 111 months ago | reply

      » sutiably chuffed I am with the response here.

      gilfer thanks, composition can make or break an image in an instant

      kent, I like your thinking there gaffer and zooms :D

      artelisa thanks as alwys, these are all shot as square images using an old medium format camera I bought as a student, the whole series I hope says something about modern civilisation - I hope :)

    11. Kent Johnson 111 months ago | reply

      god I jus tdid it again!! edit..

      Opps; I meant (& you read my intent s2) Moving the LENS/Focal Length not their BODY must now be...

    12. burntfilm 111 months ago | reply

      loving this shot, you're always finding all that trash to photograph aren't you?

    13. Joie de Vivre 111 months ago | reply

      This is a wondrous shot: the bright sky, the powerlines, the barbed wire, the leaves against the fridge. Wow.

    14. dmcd [deleted] 110 months ago | reply

      Makes one wonder (preceded by the first photo in time) what escaped from cryogenic hibernation.

    15. s2art 110 months ago | reply

      » @ toughlove, yes where would we be as photographers, without the detritus of life ;)

      @ Joi de Vivre, glad you find it so pleasing, it's least I can do after you sharing all your wonderful images :)

      @ dmcd yes indeed and kinda funny too :)

    16. Haz<h3m 102 months ago | reply

      Awe, that one's really nice s2

    17. s2art 102 months ago | reply

      » thanks HaZarDouS, welcome aboard have fun and get involved!

    18. st_photos 74 months ago | reply

      Groovy shot! Thanks for the CC license. I linked to it here:

    19. s2art 74 months ago | reply

      » no worries shonski, glad I could help

    20. dsalaguinto 73 months ago | reply

      I love the overall mood of this photo. Thanks for releasing it under a CC license. I used your photo in my Web comic (Office OFFline) with full attribution, of course, and a link back to this page.

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