Clearing Spring Storm

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    All the water in heaven landed on Yosemite, but at the end of the day we witnessed this from Tunnel View.

    Bronica ETRSi | Portra 400 | Unicolor C41 Dev

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    1. La Branĉaro 33 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the link to this photo again! It is so stunning.

    2. Owl's Flight 33 months ago | reply

      Wow! This is beautiful!

    3. シ-クボント - Sieg Bond [deleted] 33 months ago | reply

      fantastic landscape shot!

    4. schmolling_rolf 32 months ago | reply

      wow, congrats on KEH image(s) of the month. This is a fantastic shot. I REALLY envy you this location nearby.

      PS: awaiting my ETRSi and back, no lens yet. What lens did you use here?

    5. Sequoia! 32 months ago | reply

      Sorry for the late reply - I've bee away from Flickr! Honestly, I don't remember the lens! I would have normally approached this with my 50mm MC, but this looks more like the 75PE or 100 PE. The wide angle pushes this stuff way back, so it had to have been one of those two! Thanks for the congrats, they surprised me this time.

    6. schmolling_rolf 32 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the information. I will probably get a 75mm first.

      Do you ever do prints?

    7. Nightwolf_1957 [deleted] 31 months ago | reply


    8. The Glorious End 30 months ago | reply

      This is truly incredible! I'm seriously considering getting on of these. I think it should hold me over until I can afford to replace my digital system.

    9. brycemiranda [deleted] 27 months ago | reply

      what settings did u use for the 9000f? do you turn on unsharp mask and other options??

    10. Sequoia! 27 months ago | reply

      I use VueScan with the 9000f, It's been very worth it, but it had a really steep learning curve (and I'm good with stuff like that). I never had much luck with the software that came with the scanner. I've also gotten an anti-newton kit from, another "investment", but it's improved my scanning immensely, it really flattens the film and I've not had a ring since. Love the 9000f, though, it's been perfect for me. Just glanced through your stream - it doesn't look like you need any advice on scanning - nice work!

    11. schmolling_rolf 27 months ago | reply

      Hey James, for my medium format negatives I use a glas now too, works nicely (for 35mm this is too much hassle usually).
      A question: following this experience (see: I wondered how you carry your Bronica & lens(es) and tripod around, especially through al that nature and real MOUNTAiNS?
      Regards, Rolf

    12. manni39 27 months ago | reply

      please tell me more about avoiding newton rings - I've been struggling with them for a long time when I used glass... Rolf, what sort of glass do you use, just normal glass or antireflex? I've tried both, sometimes Mr. Newton stays away but sometimes it's awful.... James, it seems that you would recommend the anti-newton kit, right?

    13. schmolling_rolf 27 months ago | reply

      Hello Manni, well I'm in Germany and thus stuff from the US is more expensive due to shipping costs and taxes and duty. I am using a Canon 8600f with its' plastic negative holder for both 35mm and 120 film. They are quite flimsy but work about alright with 35mm negatives (quite often they cut off some part of the image, I'd prefer to see both sides of black/unexposed film area and then chose framing with software, but… nothing I can do about it) but not at all very well with 120 film. medium format film hangs, is not held properly, can move etc. I even got newton rings because the film was hanging down to the scanner glass. Here glass has helped a lot. I got mine from , (see: ; German!) I don't know where they buy them. It's anti-newton glass, so edged on one side. The glass for 35mm is like for 5 negatives, only, so that is a hassle, with 120 film it's either three 6x6 or four 6x45. One puts film with the curved side UP and fixes it with the glass. Of course it means two more surfaces to keep clean… another reason why I don't usually use them with 35mm. Oh, I only usually scan my B&W, color is done by local lab (might move to Findlab in the US though).

      Hope that helps.

    14. Sequoia! 27 months ago | reply

      I agree with everything Rolf said. For me, the kit is flawless if they make one for your scanner. For 120/220 film it comes with glass and its own (very sturdy) frame and you can even adjust the height to focus with your scanner (mine was focused fine as it came). It scans so far out to the edge of the film that keeping the film properly seated on the frame is the only problem I have. For 35mm they just have the glass and I use it with the frame that came with the scanner. Rolf's right, 5 frames at a time, and that's a bit of a pain, but I still do it. I develop my own B&W and color and use the glass for both. I haven't had one ring since I got it. My dev and scans could be pretty bad before I did this and switched to distilled water, it was very worth it.

      And Rolf - I'll answer your other question in an e-mail. It might get long!

    15. manni39 27 months ago | reply

      Rolf and James, thank you very much for your extensive advice that gives me lots of aspects to consider. Rolf, ich bin übrigens auch Deutscher, but for the benefit of making me understand to all my photo friends in the various countries I prefer to write in English :-)
      I had a Canoscan 8600 F, but after 6 years of good service he decided to cause trouble once in a while, so I decided to get a new one - this time I bought an Epson V700. It's excellent, too, like the Canoscan, but the problem with Mr. Newton sucks.... Sometimes the film comes rather curved out of the lab -- how can a scanner get the pictures in a negative holder sharp ? Or asked in a different way - why do I pay lots of money for excellent cameras and lenses, if the scanning result is not really satisfying, not sharp enough?
      But again - thank you both, I'll enquire in different directions as indicated by you..

    16. schmolling_rolf 27 months ago | reply

      well Manni, just to add, I believe the software one uses contributes a large amount. I am using Silverfast Ai (still on OSX 10.6, so I use 6.x) it does suck mightily (GUI, buggy, – in my opinion – stupidly organization and behavior), but the results are much better than the generic Canon software, I never got Vuescan to properly run on my machine). For OSX 10.7 and above they have Silverfast 8.x. It is an investent but worth it. If you can get Vuescan to work, this is much much cheaper. The glass inserts sold by monochrom are for the original scanner's negative holder (both 35mm and 120 film), the price is ok I believe. No option to wet-mount (which James refered to with „distilled water“) or adjust the hight of the negative vs. scanner-glas. But then, we will never get results comparable to drum scan or fujitsu.

    17. manni39 27 months ago | reply

      I use SilverFast as well, the freeware version, (6.4, I believe). It is quite good - but the one I had for the 8600 F went wild one day, some important commands didn't work anymore, deinstalling and new installing didn't help a bit. Now, the one supplied with my Epson V700 works fine (so far....)
      James, please forgive me for misusing your beautiful picture for such technical discussions with yourself and Rolf :-)

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