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    March 18, '06:
    So, if I were to count the hours I spent with this photo open on my computer.. well, we're just not going to, and that's that.

    Really what's crazy is that I finally took some time to do some real reading. As in, I read bazillions of tutorials on Photoshop--the most important lessons being how to use levels and curves. Hoooolllly crap those two tools alone.. just, wow. The tutorials on that guy's site rock.

    Letsee when did I take this...
    Ah. It was the Saturday Mary and I talked for the first time in a while, where she was so encouraging about my photography and we ended up making plans for the future. Yesh. Anyway, beeeeefore that I decided I just needed to get out of the house, so I drove way out to Matthews and found myself at Target, where I wandered aimlessly for a while, eventually settling on some weightlifting-type gloves to provide a little protection for my hands when practicing capoeira on pavement (an issue I deal with daily) and a rather-interesting why-not purchase.

    Afterwards I went over to Panera bread. Which I also ate at three days later with Danielle, but uhh, ... roight. After THAT, I noticed the sun was setting, so went on a hike to get up to higher ground and found myself right off a freeway exit ramp, where I took a handful of shots. Good times.

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    1. ryran 109 months ago | reply

      For fun, here's the original; unedited and deliberately overexposed:

    2. Ennor 109 months ago | reply

      Beautiful sunset, love the composition.

    3. ryran 109 months ago | reply

      Thanks Barry. I thought of you and your dark deep-color sunsets quite a few times while I was playing around with this bad boy. =)

    4. walking tiger 109 months ago | reply

      Wow! I didn't know you could change it that much! Awesome!

    5. algo 109 months ago | reply

      Thanks for leaving this link.
      Lovely colours and magnificent sunset.

    6. ryran 109 months ago | reply

      You D man Alex. =)

    7. ryran 109 months ago | reply

      I just opened up the original raw file for fun to see how quick I could come up with something that I liked. had the settings all done with 3 or 4 steps in ten minutes. And it looks better. (Not that anyone would be able to remember the difference.) Good times.

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