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    The girls are tickled pink that they made it to! [URL:] They celebrated by making an extra few trips between the pellet bowls and the water bottles followed by a few more trips. (Though toffee is miffed that she is labeled the thief when we all know that it's Nougat who's the real meanie.)

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    1. justvisiting 97 months ago | reply

      Sharing is caring! This is a great photo.

    2. got2knit 97 months ago | reply

      Send it to cuteoverload! This is just too adorable. Lookit them little toes!

    3. WomanChild 97 months ago | reply

      So cute it hurts!!!!!

    4. Rod Monkey 97 months ago | reply

      Massive cuteness!

    5. Fotofever 97 months ago | reply

      Awwwwww. This is too adorable!!!

    6. onecurlycat 96 months ago | reply

      I love this photo!!! So cute...
      Are you sure they're sharing, or is the white one trying to steal the carrot?

    7. ryancr 96 months ago | reply

      You saw through my ruse! Truth is, Nougat (the white one) isn't very nice to her sister Toffee at times. Couple that with her big appetite and you end up with her wanting what's on Toffee's plate much more often than she should. Still, does make for a cute photo, even if it is really of Nougat being a bully. =)

      Thanks all for the comments! [and cuteoverload never got back. it's okay, the girls are better than them. ;-) ]

    8. TreeTopLeaf 94 months ago | reply

      LOL! That's a cute pic! It reminds me of my guniea pigs.

    9. Why68 93 months ago | reply

      What cute girls! I love the colouring on the brown one!

    10. Sarey* 91 months ago | reply

      So cute... this is lovely...
      Please consider adding to a brand new group entitled Carrot Fun group

    11. artchang 90 months ago | reply

      haha fantastic shot ryan!

    12. 83 months ago | reply

      Just a quick note of thanks. I found this image to be perfect for a post on my blog and I have borrowed it ensuring that I have provided a link directly to your profile, and a link to the image page. Your photography is brilliant, and hopefully my post will generate further traffic to your profile and collection of photography. If you feel that your image has been inappropriately used, please let me know and I will remove all references from my blog immediately. Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you.

    13. --------Sunshine-------- [deleted] 81 months ago | reply

      Funny :)

    14. captcreate 70 months ago | reply

      awww so cute! ;)

    15. MrWoodnz 64 months ago | reply

      Thank you, I am a rat lover and just used your image on my blog about sharing photos using Creative Commons. Beautiful girls, I just want to cuddle them.

    16. Audringje 63 months ago | reply

      Oh, this is fabulous. The names, too. Love it.

      Seen in Carrot Fun

    17. monica hamburg 60 months ago | reply

      Sooooo adorable!

    18. Michael Ashby 54 months ago | reply

      Thank you for releasing this photo under creative commons. As a CC site ourselves, we've included it in the following blog entry:

      Great photo and again, thank you for sharing.

    19. BundleHQ 42 months ago | reply

      Thank you for making this Creative Commons! We loved your photo so much, we used it on our site! Check it out here:

    20. b3_matusaja 9 months ago | reply

      i want finishing is problem, but my brother can't to understand me. can't to hear my word. they always negative thinking are my doing.

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