Palouse Summer Aurora 2

Palouse, Washington. A colorful display of northern lights fill the night sky over the golden Palouse wheat while storm clouds quietly drift over the fields.


Here's a horizontal shot. The orange in clouds are from the town of Palouse, Washington light pollution. When I first did my 30 second exposure it blew me away at the colors the camera was capturing. To my eye I could see the green, some magenta and the orange light pollution. What I couldn't see was how all the color blended together in a kaleidoscope of colors. The intensity kept changing. For a minute light pillars could be seen closer by then drifted away leaving this bold lime color behind.


Shot at 10mm f/4@30seconds ISO 4000.


To get these shot I basically gave up on sleep for the night. I had to be a work by 5am and maybe got 3 hours of sleep before then. The aurora only happens once in a great while, sleep can wait for another day.




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Taken on July 15, 2012