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I'm Back Bitches!!! | by Ryan Eng
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I'm Back Bitches!!!

Explore #1, Sweeeeet!!! You guys and girls Rock :-)


FYI: I just started my first real group for Symmetry photos. If you have any symmetrical shots or digitally edited symmetry photos please feel free to add them to my group, Thanks.


Check out my New Symmetry Group Here...


Yep It's true, I am alive and breathing. Sorry if the title is too vulgar, Cali has turned me into a man, hah I don't even know what that means. I hate returning to real life after a vacation because now it's nothing but catching up with life. Bills to pay, school shit, and of course a day or two of catching up with everyone's photos that I've missed. I will get to your streams slowly during this week and into the weekend.


California was soo much fun. The last time I went there I wasn't into photography so it was kind of boring, but this time around was just too exciting. There are so many thing to photograph and when you finish with one city you just drive to the next and have a whole new list of things to shoot. Luckily my friends were kind enough to taxi me around and show me the spots. I have a total of 12GB of photos, mostly 3 auto bracketed shots for each photo, so don't expect to see any Hawaii photos from me anytime soon. I am putting my camera into retirement for a while till I go thru all these photos. Well, it's good to be back, and I will talk to you all later.


This shot was taken in the Hollywood Metro Station. I didn't realize how ghetto Cali really was till I went here. First I got talked to by 3 crazy people that looked like they wanted to stab me and take my camera, then they stopped the metro cause there was a guy lying inside like he was dead or hurt, then while leaving there was a fight on the main strip and a block a way there was another dead guy and cops on the corner. But aside from all that this metro station just blew me away. So many things to take photos of down here, but I wanted to leave with my camera and my life so I hurried it up.


6 exp HDR tone mapped with photo matix then blended with an additional +3 and the -2 exp. Of course it wouldn't be a Ryan photo unless it was a symmetry flip. I did do a symmetry flip here because it was really hard to get perfectly centered, but this is pretty much exactly what this place looks like with out a symmetry flip.


PS: This is the most typing you'll see from me for a while so enjoy it while it lasts.

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Taken on March 29, 2009