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I've been Tagged....

Explore #1 on Dec 14, 2008. Thanks SO MUCH everyone.


Yes, I got tagged by miki_miska83


Now You 5 Have Been Tagged By Me...





Sametatak | Photography

In no particular order, you Lucky 5 just happen to be the top 5 people that recently posted photos from my contacts (ya I'm lazy). You know the deal, if you wanna play along feel free, if not I won't lose any sleep over it :)


I never thought I'd be playing this little game. I'm NOT part of a tagging group. I just don't mind playing and I don't completely hate my 5th photo in my 5th folder, I just wasn't planning on posting it. Plus I don't wanna turn into a frog if I don't keep this chain going :)


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This was taken after that point of sunset where the color leaves all the clouds. I shot it about 10 minutes after THIS PHOTO.

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Taken on November 15, 2008