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Into The Valley

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This is a different version from one of my most memorable evenings of shooting I have ever had. This version was taken just seconds after the other version a ways back in my stream, but with a different part of this waterfall in the foreground. This version also was a longer exposure than the previous, which helped make the water seem more dense.


I think I prefer this new one rather than the old one. The only thing I don't like about this one is how I had my polarizer turned. In the other version I had it to turned to KEEP a lot of the reflecting light in the foreground, in this one I had turned it to minimize the reflecting light. I think I prefer the shining colorful light on the foreground that the old version has, in this one it's a little more subdued, though still apparent .


This is one of those images that really needs to be seen 20x30 or larger. I ran off a 40x60 today for an upcoming show and just fell in love. The details are awesome, like the distant 400ft waterfall in between the two peaks and the beargrass in the meadow on the right.


Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this photo as much as I do. I think this one moves to the front of the line as far as a "personal favorite" goes.

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Taken on July 16, 2009