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Underneath the Brooklyn Bridge

"With its enormous towers of granite, then the tallest structures on the continent, and its use of steel cables, the Brooklyn Bridge combined the architecture of past and future. It was the start of the high rise city in America, but also in its way very like the ancient cathedrals of Europe, in that, rising above all else within sight, it was intended, as said, to stand as a testament to the aspirations of the civilization that built it." David McCullough


So underneath the Brooklyn Bridge is a very small beach (during high tide it is submerged under water). Why is the spot significant (Don't say "I am Legend")? First, on August 29, 1776, approximately 10,000 members of the besieged Continental Army eluded capture by crossing the East River in small boats after the Battle of Brooklyn. This battle was of course, the largest battle of the revolution and our first battle after declaring ourself an independent nation.


Second, it is the only undeveloped piece of waterfront in Lower Manhattan. This little strip of undeveloped land acts as a brief respite from the overdeveloped and commercialized aspects of the other waterfront properties nearby (namely South Street Seaport). Indeed, unlike the Brooklyn side, this spot is usually eerily secluded and quiet. Quite simply, a photographer's dream. [Edit: technically, I'm not sure if going on the beach constitutes trespassing as it is fenced off]


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Taken on March 23, 2010