Newspaper article of Garfield's Funeral

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    This was in the basement of the Garfield Monument. I thought it was pretty interesting and warranted me taking the time to cut out each photo and clean it up.

    1. Robert Barone 34 months ago | reply

      Seems like the funeral of an Eastern potentate. Not a fan of all this pomp and circumstance. The Garfield monument also strikes me as exaggerated. Certainly I'm reflecting my European viewpoint where the larger the monument, mausoleum, the greater the monster inside.
      Garfield was anything but a monster. In fact, I think he also might have been uncomfortable with all this pomp.
      However, you're right, it is interesting, and having the building certainly has some advantages.

    2. e r j k p r u n c z y k 34 months ago | reply

      Yes, very interesting images. I suppose such events do take on a decidedly Victorian flair. And artistic style of the time reflected an Eastern quality. And yes, President Garfield probably would not have been pleased. Great post, Erik.

    3. Rx Eman. 34 months ago | reply

      If he would be pleased or not , could only be guessed. It does reflect the time. I also feel it shows the pride that Clevelanders had in having one of their own as the leader of this great country. I feel Clevelanders always had pride in their self and even in ones death they could still show their best to the rest of the world.

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