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Oly Food Co-op, July 23, 2010

There have been protests against a decision, by the co-op board of directors, for the co-op to boycott certain Israeli products. The co-op stocked 3 Israeli products. Now the only one allowed is Peace Oil, which is a joint venture, produced by Palestinians, and exported by Israeli allies.


I think it's a very good time to visit the co-op to pick up some peace oil.


Personally, I don't deny Israel a right to exist. If the Jewish people need a homeland to feel safe, then that's fine with me.


What is unacceptable to me, is when Israel/Israelis take without asking from the indigenous population—the Palestinians.


What is unacceptable to me is when Israel bullies and violates the human rights of others.


Personally, while I recognize the problems that Zionism has caused, I am not sure that I am explicitly against Zionism. What I am against is Gun Zionism—the Zionism of violence. I am against a Zionism that views Jews, or Israelis, as somehow better than others.


All people deserve to be treated well—that includes, both Israelis and Palestinians, and Jews and Muslims, and Arabs and Europeans.


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Taken on July 23, 2010