Vandana Shiva

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    Soil Not Oil
    October 15, 2009
    SPSCC Performing Arts Center

    On October 15, 2009, Vandana Shiva visited Olympia, Washington. Dr. Shiva is on tour, educating about ecological sustainability, social justice, and the very very very serious problems that exist within (and as a result of) corporate dominated political systems. She is also promoting her new book, Soil Not Oil.

    She received multiple standing ovations from an audience that was rapt with attention and at times, seemed to hang on every word.

    She delivered a moving and articulate argument that encouraged democracy, ecological sustainability, protection of water and land against commoditization, human rights, social justice, and the vigorous and assertive opposition to harmful systemic political realities.

    Also included in the delivery were comments about feminism, the pedagogy of "the masculine" in the field of scientific inquiry (science driven by the pursuit of subduing and subjugating the natural world - in some sort of tragic epic and melodramatic contest between man and nature.) She also spoke of the importance of protecting the commons, among many others topics. I took some notes so hopefully I'll post a longer article about the event sometime.

    The auditorium, which has capacity for about 600, was full - and people were turned away at the door.

    So Hey - - - How about people before profits!

    Ecological and agricultural diversity and sustainability!

    Social justice!



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