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Violence is the Problem, NOT the Solution | by r.whitlock
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Violence is the Problem, NOT the Solution

I want and need to serve humanity and the planet and all life through the practice of creative nonviolence - to work toward, and for, a vision of a culture that is life-serving and sustainable...


Service is the path to healing, to a stable future, this is the path toward planetary and societal health, wealth, and stability.


If we, as social human beings, seek to improve our world and better ourselves and society, indeed if we seek to evolve as conscious creatures and spiritual beings, then we must acknowledge our own violence and work in earnest to end it.


Speaking as a citizen of the U.S.A., the violence of this society strikes me as terrible and horrendous. There is a tremendous violence inherent in this society and an even greater violence projected beyond our borders, as it is committed against people all over the world.


There is perhaps a silver lining in the cloud of the Bush Administration. The veil has been cast away. The curtain is pulled back. The raw aggression and official violence as perpetrated by the government of the U.S.A. is on display and it is astounding to see. It is "Shock and Awe", and people are suffering.


Can we pull our heads out of the sand? Can we look at our own societal violence as it exists in official economic, corporate, social and foreign policies? Can we honestly assess the violence that is intrinsic to the culture of the U.S.A.? And can we, for the sake of the well-being of future generations, do our very best to mount an effective opposition, or work to develop a viable, stable and sustainable (also effective) alternative?


I hope so.


Peace is not only the desired result - it is the means to its own end. Practice peace in daily life. Peace is the way.


Two Quotes:


Thomas Merton: "I am against war, against violence, against violent revolution, for peaceful settlement of differences, for nonviolent but nevertheless radical changes. Change is needed, and violence will not really change anything: at most it will only transfer power from one set of bull-headed authorities to another."


John Woolman (1720 - 1772): "May we look upon our Treasures, and the furniture of our Houses, and the Garments in which we array ourselves, and try whether the seeds of war have any nourishment in these possessions or not."


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Taken on April 30, 2008