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The War is Illegal

Olympia, Washington


Photo by Ana


The photo is of me holding a sign during a weekly peace vigil that I participate in.


The war was based on knowingly false pretenses. Iraq did not attack the USA. Iraq, in fact, did not pose a threat, or even so much as threaten to attack the USA. As such, the US invasion of Iraq was aggression. The occupation is a war of aggression. Hence, it is illegal. (The war is also undeclared, which makes it even further illegal.)


There is an abundance of information, publicly available, in order to make the claim that members of the Bush Administration knowingly made false statements to craft the conditions necessary for invasion. Numerous false statements were made over a period of years in order to attempt to draw a connection between the Iraqi government of Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Laden's al Qaeada. They lied for the purpose of creating an environment of acceptability for war.


These connections between Saddam Hussein and UBL, as well as statements about an alleged threat to the USA from Iraqi WMD, were blatantly misleading at best and malicious intentional conspiracy to defraud the United States at worst.


Here are some links:


1) The center for Public Integrity released a study that chronicled over 900 false statements (in regard to the threat from Iraq), which were made by members of the Bush Administration during a period of two years following September 11th, 2001 when the WTC towers were destroyed.


2) The United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has told the BBC the US-led invasion of Iraq was an illegal act that contravened the UN charter.


3) Lt Ehren Watada refused to deploy to Iraq because of his belief, which is based on a deep and careful understanding of the war, that the war is illegal. His website is a great resource about the legal problems in re: the war in Iraq.


4) Human Rights and Constitutional Rights (HRCR) has a collection of links and information to help ground yourself in the legal understanding of what constitutes an illegal war:


There are so many resources available. For example you can start by perusing any one of these websites.


check out Elizabeth de la Vega's indictment "United States v. George Bush et al."


Also see The New Yorker section on Iraq


Seymour Hersh writing on Iraq:"seymour+hersh"+iraq


Seymour Hersh in Berkeley, October 8, 2004:


Seymour M. Hersh as Contributor to The New Yorker:


Article about David Addington by Jane Meyer "The Hidden Power"


Robert Fisk:


From the McClatchy Washington Bureau: (written by Iraqi journalists in Baghdad)


Inter Press Service


Harper's Magazine Online:


The Nation:


Raed in the Middle:


...and so many others, too many to list...


Complete withdrawal must be the goal. The best avenue toward achieving that goal is to restore stable civil society in Iraq. Stable civil society can be achieved through economic opportunity. Economic opportunity can flourish when the basic elements of civilian infrastructure are up and running, schools, hospitals, water, sewage, electricity. The US military will be able to make a responsible - a gradual - withdrawal in the presence of a stable civil society (one that is not rooted in bribes and corruption.)


The US military must stop using bribes, and weapons as incentives. The mission must be changed from fighting an insurgency, because antagonism will only serve to provoke animosity and opposition. The US must begin the process of rebuilding the civilian infrastructure - much of which remains in a state of disrepair.


70% of Iraqis do not have reliable, safe or consistent access to potable water ( also see This does not reconstruction make.


There is a humanitarian crisis in Iraq.


Reconstruct Iraq. Show the Iraqi people that the US cares for their well-being. We have the power. Now we have our mission. Let's make it so.


[May 11th 2008, I found a link to this important story attached to another photo: Read this: Dick Cheney's Song of America: Drafting a plan for global dominance

An essay exploring the real origins of the Iraq War, written before the war started.

by David Armstrong,

Harper's Magazine]


Additionally, please refer to Vincent Bugliosi's new book, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder:


Update August 2008: additional reference: Ron Suskind's The Way of the World, which documents an Administration effort to use forged documents to justify the war.


[Warning: Some of the below comments are offensive, belligerent, and abusive. Please be advised before reading further.


Update: Commentators who were engaging in obfuscation, and offensive, dishonest, harassing commentary have been blocked. Their commentary has subsequently been removed.]

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