The Shoulder Centre Progress Update - Town of Ajax
We welcomed Mayor Shaun Collier and Town of Ajax Councillors to Ajax Pickering Hospital for a progress update on The Shoulder Centre.

Town of Ajax donated $375,000, making them the lead donor to The Shoulder Centre.

“The Town was the first donor we approached when we were ready to make The Shoulder Centre a reality because we knew that the mayor and Councillors are committed to always ensuring the best health care, close to home, for their residents. Their confidence and investment in the Centre’s vision has enabled the team to launch and expand a program that is caring for thousands of patients a year through a shared-care network of community-based physician champions as well as a variety of shoulder specialists and surgeons,” says Dr. Joel Lobo, one of the founding surgeons of The Shoulder Centre.

On behalf of the doctors, nurses and patients, thank you to Town of Ajax, the mayor and the Councillors for their decades of support so that our patients can always receive the best care now and in the future.
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