Charlotte Hodes 2019
Charlotte Hodes
After the Taking of Tea and other works
2 February – 31 March 2019
Gallery 1

Charlotte Hodes’ ceramic work is informed and inspired by the tradition of domestic everyday-ware and the manner in which it brought high art into the homes of a growing middle class. Her use of the ‘ready-made’ ware immediately locates the work within familiar experience and in particular into the female space of the kitchen or dining room. By taking these forms such as plates, bowls cups and saucers as ‘given’, she can transform them through her collage processes of cutting and layering.

An overriding aspect of her work is the representation of women, and the manner in which they are both active and passive, weaving a dialogue between the other decorative elements and revealing a subversive subtext in contrast to the sweet colour and intricacy of the images. She has taken these concerns into large scale intricate papercuts as well as ceramics, both in terms of single pieces and elaborate installations.

All photos by Stephen Heaton unless otherwise stated.
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