FORGE 2017
29 April – 16 July 2017
Gallery 1

Egor Bavykin, Claudio Bottero, Ambrose Burne, Francisco Gazitua, Nils Hint, Christian Vaughan Jones, Takayoshi Komine, Daniel Neville, Patrick Quinn, Daniel Randall, Leszek Sikon, Richard Smith, Fred Truus, Stephen Yusko, Heiner Zimmermann

Contemporary forged metal design is an emerging, innovative international discipline. This exhibition, curated by Delyth Done, represents a paradigm shift from the traditional discourse of the blacksmith and breaks new ground by synthesising and articulating the practice of creative and conceptual working with forged metal. Fifteen international metal artists whose practice has been identified as having a significant impact present their work. They represent a new wave of contemporary artists who have developed an innovative, design-led practice.

All photos by Dewi Tannatt Lloyd unless otherwise stated.
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