Under Your Feet 2019
Under Your Feet
The Contemporary Rug
6 April – 14 July 2019
Gallery 1

Lesley Barnes for Node, Kate Blee for Christopher Farr, Claire Gaudion, Adam Higton, Irene Infantes for Christopher Farr, Tania Johnson, Andrew Ludick for Ceadogán Rugmakers, Ptolemy Mann Rugs, Mourne Textiles, Patricia Murphy for Ceadogán Rugmakers, Alan Oliver, Angie Parker, Eleanor Pritchard for CASE, Rachel Scott, Margo Selby, Helen Steele for Ceadogán Rugmakers, Gunta Stölzl by Christopher Farr, Collett-Zarzycki for Christopher Farr, Helen Yardley

Under Your Feet: The Contemporary Rug is a celebration of rugs designed in the British Isles. 19 of the best rug makers today are represented in this exhibition. Their rugs will be spread out in a colourful, textured and timely reminder that underfoot, or on a wall, rugs remain as vibrant and relevant as any other craft medium.

A rug is a large presence within a room. It brings texture, colour, design and wit to an interior, where it will focus the eye and comfort the feet.

All photos by Dewi Tannatt Lloyd unless otherwise stated.
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