A Clowder of Cats 2016–2017
A Clowder of Cats
3 December 2016 – 12 February 2017
Gallery 3

Lesley Barnes & Ross McAuley, Abigail Brown, Laura Carlin, Alice Dansey-Wright, Susan R. Evans, Baines & Fricker, Jimbobart, Juliette Hamilton, Nick Hubbard, Vicky Lindo, Agalis Manessi, Helen Musselwhite, Deirdre Nelson, Susan O’Byrne, Jenny Southam, Emily Sutton, Melanie Tomlinson, Victoria Govan & Richard Warner, Sarah Young, Jan Zalud

Something for every cat lover: from intricate cat jewellery, cats made from paper and cats that move, to satisfyingly clever ceramic cats.

Curated by Jane Audas and Gregory Parsons

All photos by Dewi Tannatt Lloyd unless otherwise stated.
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