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The Grass is always Greener on the other side of who's fence {Explore}

P1290299 - Whoops perhaps to deeper thinking on this one, was going for some form of coupling or join, but saw the setting sun and popped into field and took this.

So we have the sun coming from the left, behind a fence, which life on our plant requires as we do to continue to live. So its a union between a plant (yet to be embraced [to some a weed, scum of the earth] or others may feel that there should be some cleansing programme, perhaps a holocaust for weeds) with a barrier between it and the life supporting sun.

To me the world should be almost as the internet, without barriers or boundaries that have been created by religion, politics or other human imposed barriers.

But, I'm a dreamer wishing and hoping for peace and goodwill not just for one a day a year, what's wrong with the 364 or 365?


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