10th December 2009

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    Protest outside the Ugandan High Commission in London.

    Homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda, but a new proposed bill widens the scope of illegality, threatening not just life imprisonment and the death penalty, but also imprisonment for anyone who houses, promotes or who fails to report homosexuals.

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    1. ruSSeLL hiGGs 53 months ago | reply


      "Who would have thought that Rick Warren, the most influential Evangelical in the USA, would be quicker to denounce the Ugandan anti-gay law than Rowan Williams? Yet after weeks of mounting pressure in which he has held to the line that, as a pastor, he doesn't tell foreign governments what to do, he has just issued a statement denouncing the odious Ugandan law."

    2. Kris Cohen 53 months ago | reply

      This is amazing Russell!

      For solidarity, see:




      (go to "Projects" then "In the Near Future")

    3. ruSSeLL hiGGs 53 months ago | reply


      The BBC asked users of its news website "Should homosexuals face execution?" on a talkboard discussion for a World Service programme for African listeners.

      Premoderated posts included one from a classic moron called Chris, from Guildford uk, posted at 8.59am, which attracted 51 recommendations of support. He wrote: "Totally agree. Ought to be imposed in the UK too, asap. Bring back some respectable family values. Why do we have to suffer 'gay pride' festivals? Would I be allowed to organise a 'straight pride' festival? No, thought as much!! If homosexuality is natural, as we are forced to believe, how can they sustain the species? I suggest all gays are put on a remote island somewhere and left for a generation - after which, theoretically there should be none left!"

    4. ruSSeLL hiGGs 39 months ago | reply

      27 Jan 2011


      A Ugandan gay rights campaigner who last year sued a local newspaper which named him as being homosexual has been killed, activists say.

      Police have confirmed the death of David Kato but say they are investigating the circumstances.

      Uganda's Rolling Stone newspaper published the photographs of several people it said were gay next to a headline reading "Hang them".

      Homosexual acts are illegal in Uganda, with punishments of 14 years in prison.

      An MP recently tried to increase the penalties to include the death sentence in some cases.

    5. Mamabrijit [deleted] 26 months ago | reply

      Thanks for making this photo CC. Have used it in an update on the Ugandan bill: bit.ly/xAvi1v

      All the best!

    6. ruSSeLL hiGGs 2 months ago | reply


      Uganda president signs anti-gay law

      Yoweri Museveni defies US warning and signs bill toughening already strict legislation against homosexuals

      Monday 24 February 2014

    7. ruSSeLL hiGGs 2 months ago | reply

      Ugandan tabloid prints list of 'top 200 homosexuals'

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