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Taking Finnigan for a walk through the woods this evening, down one of the mountain biking trails.

The wooden slats are for bikers to ride along for fun.

  1. David_Howell 82 months ago | reply

    How sweet is that! I almost expected Mr Frog to say hello back with how kindly Amy greeted him :)

  2. missbhavens 82 months ago | reply

    Are you feeling quite well, Rupert? Your breathing sounds a bit rapid. You should have that looked at.

    Like David I was waiting for the frog to say "hi" or perhaps even burst into song.

  3. Rupert Howe 82 months ago | reply

    Ahhhh.. that made me giggle.
    Actually, one of the videos I made with the gypsy teenagers *did* have that problem. It was a great video, great subject, but the guy holding the Xacti was quite large and panting quite heavily. Also gave me the giggles.

  4. Robert Croma 82 months ago | reply

    Amy's so beautiful. Yes, I felt sure frog would do this.

  5. hummingcrow 82 months ago | reply

    I'm quite certain if Amy had kissed the frog he would have exceeded all expectations. But I'm also glad she didn't.

  6. Jen Proctor 82 months ago | reply

    She's a girl after my own heart. I regularly talk to amphibians as well.

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