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    1. delford_bob 41 months ago | reply

      L7 is way better

    2. airaria 41 months ago | reply

      an epic!!!

    3. brookeluciani 40 months ago | reply

      what does sandy's shirt say? I cant figure it out! i'm listening to on of their records right now!! lol

    4. J1325 38 months ago | reply

      They open up a new chapter in Rock n Roll history.

    5. Firefly0302 38 months ago | reply

      Two words bad ass!!!

    6. Firefly0302 38 months ago | reply

      Women rule all!!!

    7. krod_24 37 months ago | reply

      loved loved loved LOVED them, esp sandy, when i was growing up (i'm 46 now). they were, are, the coolest. unless you grew up during that time, you would have no IDEA how tough it would be for an all female band to make it. LOVED them. so happy joan and lita made it. such a good role model. no kidding. when my daughter is old enough, she's only five, i'm gonna introduce them to the coolest amazon warriors alive. so happy to have found this spot.

    8. Ladyrock1 36 months ago | reply

      To me you girls are and alway's will be the Queens of Rock'n Roll. You rock! I loved the movie The Runnaways it gave me a better understanding of the female rock'n roll bands. Music today just ain't like it use to be. We need to bring it all back & set some examples for the younger generation of female & male Rock'n Roll bands. Thats what I think anyways. So Rock on ladies!!!

    9. levimir77 34 months ago | reply

      not sure but i think it's cocaine

    10. mc3363mc 34 months ago | reply

      This was just a great rock band period, male or female. Loaded with pure talent, drive and desire and for what it's worth, any drummer will tell you that Sandy West was perhaps one of the best RR drummers to walk this earth. Only now that's she's gone to R&R heaven is she getting the credit she is due.

    11. BLACKANGELSDEATHSONG 34 months ago | reply

      Caught them at Hammersmith Odeon London 1977. They were the support act, when they finished I left as I knew nobody could follow their gutsy performance. Geoff,London.

    12. OUTLAWQ1 33 months ago | reply

      Lita Ford is still a cunt !

    13. OUTLAWQ1 33 months ago | reply

      Lita Ford was always jelous of Cherie Currie ! she should jump off a bridge !

    14. Santacock [deleted] 30 months ago | reply

      always thought these chicks were hot!, especially the hot titty drummer! rip!

    15. cherrybombfan 26 months ago | reply

      sandy wests shirt says cocoatreine it was hher favriot shirt. i thought then and still do that she was one of the best drummers ever male or female. she put down one of the hardest drum lines i`ve ever heard.iconsitered her a friend and will miss her.

    16. cherrybombfan 26 months ago | reply

      to j1325 you probley dont know how much of and infulience and impact that hey had.

    17. Detroit Rocker 24 months ago | reply

      It says Cocaine - there's a line shooting to the right from the dot over the 'I'

    18. CLUB82LA 23 months ago | reply

      They're a combination of the GTOS and Suzy Quatro. Bad Ass, too cool teen chicks pf the late 70's!

    19. mblackburn49 21 months ago | reply

      They were an incredible force. They were the inspiration for the new generation of rockers...CHERRI BOMB!

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