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April glowers | by Fly bye!
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April glowers

I've been itching for some while now (a few years actually!) to capture a field of rape in bloom but have never found the right context. Today was different, for as I drove along a narrow country lane, the hedges now in full green leaf and blocking the view from the road, I went past a farm gate that allowed me a glimpse into the fields...woah! Brake! Skid! Reverse! The yellow of the rape flowers burned into my retinas, and set against a dark chaos of wind torn clouds their yellow seemed almost fluorescent. Panic! Need to park! Grassy verge eventually found, car parked, muddy puddle stepped into *curses*, gear sorted, quick jog up a long lane *I'm too old for this s**t!*, clamber over gate, set gear up, wait for interesting clouds, dodge the showers of hail, then wait for sunlight to break through and light up the rape flowers, *click*click*click* etc, etc...and done! One of the things I do love about living on the Cheshire Plain are the big skies that we get, not as big as the fenlands of East Anglia but good enough for skyscapes that give you great views to the horizon and, like a flea surrounded by a herd of elephants, make you feel humble amidst nature. Today the cumulus clouds were herding together in the west, jostling and clambering over each other in their eagerness to let loose their burden of rain and hail and then marching across the blue field above me, dappling the green land below and giving rise to some spectacular God rays that moved rapidly, like searchlights over the fields, driven by the speedy and impatient winds. As I stood there taking in the sky vista and fresh air, I could hear the plaintive 'kee' of a pair of buzzards high above me as they took advantage of the turbulent thermals, air dancing with each other...bliss.


Looks better on the big Cheshire L.


PS, after all the fuss I made about shooting a field of yellow rape you're probably wondering why I've processed it as B/W, simple, I love cloudscapes more than I do flowering rape and B/W was the way to go for this particular cloudscape. :-)

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Taken on April 22, 2012