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Fantastic Flow

I’m hoping to get out and get some good light this weekend. I missed good light last night by 7 minutes…and then was treated to my kids pushing each other into the lake and “making some nice ripples” in my images when I tried to photograph.


“I think the ripples look nice…” My older said as he threw rocks into my perfectly mirrored reflective lake.


Then his little brother shoved him into the lake.




Then payback happened as the little one slipped off a rock and bashed his leg. Nobody even had to push him.


I drove 7 hours last weekend to Crater Lake for nothing but fighting kids- Which is not awesome.


The sunrise today was unbelievable. It was good because I couldn’t shoot it.


Tonight I’m getting rid of my kids, not permanently, but for a while. I’m going to drink margaritas with my wife…and then go out to a peaceful dinner with her. She’s a great lady who has put up with me for a long time…and she deserves the freedom and peace as much as anyone I know.


Tomorrow I will go make photos…or at very least, I will walk around in the dark scared to death with a good friend as we hope to make good photos when the sun rises.


Here’s a shot from a popular waterfall in Iceland. This sunset lasted 5 hours. It was incredible. Two photographers from who knows showed up before the light even got started and then drove off. They Missed this….as did the whole entire world. I was the only one there photographing. Neener Neener.


No, I can't pronounce its name.


we have a workshop in Yosemite next weekend check the Aperture Academy for details...only 2 spots left. Crock pot people...crock pot.

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Uploaded on October 15, 2010