Testudo Offerings
Testudo is the University of Maryland's mascot - technically a terrapin, not a turtle.

The statue lives outside of McKeldin Library, facing the main campus mall. If the Memorial Chapel is the structural spiritual symbol of this campus, Testudo is the heart. (No matter what Cole Field House fans might say.)

I walk by this statue twice every day on my way to the journalism building. Every day, I see at least one student rub Testudo's nose for good luck- on an exam, a presentation, or just in general - as the tradition goes. This semester I really started noticing the constant rotating array of offerings left for Testudo, and because i always have a camera - from my cell phone to my Canon Digital Rebel - I started keeping track.

My favorite so far - a tie between Chanel earrings and a box of condoms. I'm doing a slideshow of these images for one of my final bureau projects, in honor of my 20-year trip to this god blessed degree. No fear for the turtle here - but it's been interesting for sure.
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