Trash Troll recycled art project 2009
Trash Trolls recycled art project at Dirt Works with Ruby Re-Usable

These trolls are made from cardboard that had once been used to separate brochures (thank you Linda B-F from WASAC); they are held together with twisty ties instead of paper fasteners, and decorated with symbolic "trash": aluminum pop tops, telephone wire, macaroni, plastic straws, and stickers with images of cans, bottles, cartons, paper, and left-over food. Students also use markers and can choose to use green stickers for the face (or not), along with the 3 R sticker from the City of Olympia Public Works Waste ReSources.

The 3rd graders also spend time exploring DirtWorks, learning about composting and worm bins, and eating "compost cupcakes" (mmm). Who says recycling can't be fun (or delicious?!)
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