Evening in Copenhagen

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    Every house has at least two bikes.

    Bicycles became common in Copenhagen at the beginning of the 20th century. The first separate cycle paths were established around The Lakes in 1910, when the existing bridle paths were converted into isolated cycleways to accommodate the heavy growth in cycling at the time.[8] In the 1920s and 1930s the popularity increased even further. As a spectator sport, six-day racing became popular in the 1930s. The first race was held in 1934 in the original Forum Copenhagen and its popularity topped in the 1960s.[9]

    During World War II, petrol was strictly rationed, making cycling even more important as a means of transportation. During the 1940s, the first recreational bicycle routes were also developed, through green spaces in the periphery of the municipality.[10]

    Starting in the 1960s, Copenhagen experienced a decline in utility cycling due to increasing wealth and affordability of motor vehicles. With the energy crisis and the growing environmental movement in the 1970s, cycling experienced a renaissance.

    Although the first separate cycle paths were constructed much earlier, they did not become the norm until the early 1980s. On June 4, 1983 the Danish Cyclists' Union, at a large bicycle demonstration, gave a "Cyclist Award" to Jens Kramer Mikkelsen in the form of a two metre long curb. Mikkelsen was the head of the traffic department and later Lord Mayor. The curb was placed on the bike lane on Amagerbrogade at the corner of Holl?nderdybet.[11] In the mid 1980s, Copenhagen also began to develop its first coordinated strategies for increasing cycling in the municipality. Since 1995, when the city started a monitoring system, cycling has constantly risen reaching 41% by 2004. - wiki

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