Oh my!

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    We discovered TextEdit. What an amazing application.

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    1. Hassan Photography 57 months ago | reply

      HAHA ^^
      I hate this app -_-'

    2. deviantshiro 42 months ago | reply

      Hey, don't knock TextEdit. Out of all the apps installed on my Macs (including Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master and Apple Final Cut Studio 3... legitimately paid for), without a doubt I use TextEdit the most. Although, I did download TextWrangler from the Mac App Store and it's starting to get more and more of my attention each day.

      Anyway, thanks for posting these pictures. I just signed up for a Spotify Premium membership in the US about a month ago and am absolutely in love with it (though an iPad app would be nice). I'm now in the phase where I'm telling everyone I come in contact with to download Spotify and check it out.

      It's really cool that you've translated the warm, close, friendly and relaxed atmosphere of your offices onto your website and into the Spotify service itself. It's always a great feeling to evangelize a platform or service and know that the company and the people behind the scenes want it to succeed for identical reasons: because it's an awesome idea that makes the world better, not because it's a decent way to rack up a bunch of $20.00 subscription fees each month.

      Keep up the great work :) and sorry for such a long and rambling comment.

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