Snowflakes and Ice
Snowflakes are such amazing things. I've not got shots of most kinds of snowflakes - random bits of ice, needles, plates, stellated and dendritic forms, sleet, graupel, columns, plated columns and rimed chunks. It's all just white stuff falling out of the sky, but so amazing close up. As you can see the shots are a bit varied in style. they are all color shots! just that the ones done with a flash on black background look B&W. The colorful shots are done with a high-tech expensive LED RGB lighting system with variable blend.... ;-) Most of these shots were done with a reversed lens out on bellows it took quite a bit of fussing about to actually figure out what set up, f-stop, focusing and exposure would give a usable shot.

See work of the original here:

Snowflake 雪花 雪片 눈송이 Schneeflocke flocon de neige снежинка Lumehelves 雪片
wintery winter white crystals snowfall macros
close up icy chaos
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