The Moor Park Auxilliary War Hospital, Preston
Soon after the outbreak of First World War a decision was made to build a Voluntary Aid Detachment (V.A.D.) hospital on Moor Park. The hospital was opened in January 1915. The earliest building was a pavilion provided by the Royal Lancashire Agricultural Society which was intended to house 35 patients. As the war continued new wards were built and more equipment installed. The staff of Horrockses, Crewdson & Co., cotton manufacturers and spinners, raised money to carry out some of this work. Lord Hollins, the chairman of the company, and his wife were patrons of the hospital. In early 1918 Grove House, at the junction of Moor Park Avenue and Garstang Road, became an annex of the hospital. It housed 28 patients.

Articles in the Preston Guardian show hundreds of wounded soldiers being brought to Preston to be treated at the hospital. The matron was Mrs. Howard. Many volunteer nurses worked at the hospital. A record of working in the hospital was kept by Nurse De Trafford in her diary. This account was later published (ISBN: 1857765222 / 1-85776-522-2) The hospital was closed in 1919. The buildings were used as an open-air school until a new school was opened in 1937 on the same site.

Source: Wikipedia.

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