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Soban Defense Field Carrier – Aegis | by Rphilo004
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Soban Defense Field Carrier – Aegis

Constructed as a joint venture between Kiith Soban and Kiith Somtaaw, the Aegis-class Defense Field Carrier incorporates a massive reactor core and emitter arrays that can generate a localized quantum waveform which reduces the effect of enemy weapons within proximity of the carrier. The emitter arrays must be retracted close to the hull in order to enter hyperspace.

While the Aegis-class lacks offensive weaponry, it fields a wide array of strike craft and frigates to provide force projection for the Hiigaran navy.




With the announcement that Homeworld 3 is currently in development, I was inspired to return to building another Homeworld ship for SHIPtember 2019. I decided to base it off the concept art of the Hiigaran Carrier from Homeworld 2. The choice of the red and white color scheme came from wanting to pay tribute to one of my favorite SHIP builders, Pierre E Fieschi, who has built many ships in this color scheme from the Soban faction of the Hiigarans in Homeworld.


SHIP Length: 122 studs


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Taken on September 26, 2019