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I know, a leaf. Just how creative am I? ironically enough this is considered the most interesting thing on my stream haha flickr you're ridiculous

Haha no being positive and serious here, i'm waiting for better weather to use my remote more often :) I won't lie, before i took these photos, i was seriously getting arg about this time i absolutely hate it but when i started actually photographing outside (the past days i've been so tired, and just come home and don't bother) but it reminded me there's always something to photograph so here's just a heartshaped clover leaf :) I'd've uploaded a photo of its snazziness in the comments BUT APPARENTLY TINYPIC DIED OF...DEATH. so yeah.


I also want to say thank you so much to Meg for her adorable testimonial, t'was so amusing as we both wrote them at the same time coincidentally :D and also thank you for your help with lenses - you're too sweet! ♥


Bah i want to write more but i don't know what. i write waaaay too much. probably because i keep a diary. :O mebbe i should go write there. i don't think so.

SO YEAH. Here is the heartshaped clover leaf with droplets on it. cus i kinda love it when droplets are everywhere, but i hate the fact that a wet bottom from sitting in the grass *sobs*


OH YEAH. idk why i wrote that. i went mad with curves here cus we're best friends :3

and on another note: while reverse lensing this (yeah emz you need a macro lens too!) oliver held my camera for me. he is just that sweet.


bahaha back to really old descriptions c:

have decided i won't give this project up for anything in the past 5 minutes i've been writing this. so bye. have a fun night. ♥


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Taken on April 19, 2012