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Too windy! | by Roy Prasad
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Too windy!

Best seen in larger size on black (click image above).


Test shot with Leica APO TELYT-R 280/4 lens + Novoflex adapter + SONY NEX-5. All shot @ f/4, hand-held, focus by looking at the full image on the LCD (not live view at pixel-level).


This whole exercise was to see how accurately I could focus by looking at only the tiny LCD back of the NEX-5 with this heavy, long manual focus Leica lens wide open, when it would be most vulnerable to any focus errors.


I almost nailed this, but in the end, a combination of a gentle breeze that kept swaying the flower, and the bee that would not sit still for more than a second or two, was a little too much. I took 3-4 shots, and they all came out more or less the same way.


At a distance of 1.5m with a 280mm lens @ f/4 and a 1.5x crop sensor, the DOF is only 3.7 mm. So it guarantees that even if I got the bee in sharp focus, I would not have all of the bee in sharp focus, anyways. To get most of the bee in sharp focus, I'd need to stop down to f/11, which would give me a DoF of around 1 cm, and hope that the wind doesn't sway the flower, or the bee doesn't move! I would also then lose the background bokeh.


Below is a 100% crop.




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Taken on July 23, 2011