Kodak Collection
A large suitcase, rescued during the closure of the Kodak factory in Victoria, arrived at History House – home of the Royal Australian Historical Society – this year. The suitcase contained 43 images on photograph boards with the words "A Kodak Historical Photography Presentation". Kodak had dominated the photographic equipment and film industry for most of the twentieth century with its advertising tagline “Kodak moment” becoming part of everyday speech to describe a moment that needed to be recorded for posterity. This American company opened its first factory in Australia in 1928 in Abbotsford Victoria.

The Royal Australian Historical Society is asking for your help to solve the mystery of the journeys taken by what appears to be a travelling exhibition. Why were these images selected? Were other historical photograph presentation series prepared in different countries? Where did the presentations take place?

The Society would like to thank Mr K Gardiner for this special and intriguing donation.
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