Being the Lizard

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    What it must be like to be the lizard when the roadrunner is around :^)

    Day 4 of Spring Break 2008: High on a hill above Las Cruces there's a piece of art - a giant roadrunner made completely of trash. His white belly is almost entirely old sneakers and the rest of him is... well, almost everything from appliance parts to TV antennas to, well, everything.
    He's been there for years and what really stood out on this windy day is how well he was made. Those two skinny bird legs supporting that big body, and he hasn't blown over. Well done!

    1. Mike Spieth 74 months ago | reply

      No Wile E. Coyote to be seen!

    2. Willie C 74 months ago | reply

      A great creative mind produced this. A noteworthy combination of art and engineering.

    3. rovingmagpie 74 months ago | reply

      ~Mike - Imagine the size of the coyote!

      ~Willie - Agreed - and an excellent example of recycling.

    4. aspidoscelis 74 months ago | reply

      I know that statue. :-)


    5. davesbit 74 months ago | reply

      lol, that's great!

    6. Beefus 74 months ago | reply

      Ha-haaaaaa! Love it!

    7. CrazySally 74 months ago | reply

      That is awesome! Did Acme provide parts? Beep beep!

    8. Allan1952 74 months ago | reply

      Have you been too near that mescalin! This is amazing, not something you can just knock up in a weekend! - Allan

    9. that owl 74 months ago | reply

      That is *hilarious*!! :-) Wow, thanks for sharing.

    10. Boris alias Molotovio 73 months ago | reply

      this is a must see thing!

    11. sporty36 62 months ago | reply

      I want to move to New Mexico

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