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Rouv's Fondant Ribbon Rose

Here's how I make my ribbon roses, captured 'silent movie' style, lol! It was originally intended for my personal reference, hence no comments included, but I'll describe below how I do it. I guess it was better if the camera was at my angle, but you could still see the technique :) If you can't get it the first time, don't despair, it took me about 2 days of play to get to the style I liked, so just practice and have fun :)


Here's what you need:

- fondant

- shortening, like crisco

- pasta machine, I think it was set to 1, the thickest setting, which is about 2.5 mm thick (optional, or you could roll your icing to that thickness)

- cream petal dust

- edible pearl dust

- brush



- to start, rub a little shortening on your hands, to prevent the fondant from sticking and drying while handling

- take a piece of fondant, about 2 inches in diameter and knead with a little crisco, to avoid drying, roll and flatten slightly

- put the fondant through the pasta machine, or alternatively roll thinly with your rolling pin

- now, you'll notice that I don't fold the whole thing in half and roll. I fold the fondant AS I GO ALONG, as this creates puffed out 'petals' in some parts, which I think adds to the character of the rose. My right hand does most of the work, the left just turns the rose.

- to start, take one end of the fondant, fold in half and roll a starting 'cone'

- fold the fondant with your right and attach to the cone, I sometimes keep my RIGHT THUMB UNDER the folded fondant, to help make the folded 'petals' puffy

- turn the rose with your left and attach the petals again, turn and attach, turn and attach...keep going until you reach the end of the fondant

- check all sides are even

- put the rose between your fingers and give a nice rub to trim away excess fondant

- if you wish, you can brush the center with a little cream petal dust, then brush the entire rose with a pearl dust



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Uploaded on September 7, 2008