Secret Service
November 21th 2009 — February 13th 2010

This year we remained a bit quiet, but that doesn't mean we were lazy. Behind the scenes a lot has been done. Anyway we want to reappear with our annual group show. That's why we came up with something special. It took us some time to find a proper exhibition topic but in the end we arrived at an exciting conclusion.
Recently the term of POST-DEMOCRAY appeared in media more and more often. Some political scientists and sociologists are of the opinion that, with the beginning of the 21st century, we entered a post democratic era. Therefore we like to highlight this hypothesis with a whole series of group shows until November 2010. The topic of each group show, represents one aspect of the so-called post-democratic progress.

The topic for the first group show is SECRET SERVICE

Participating artists:
mcbess, mooe, Markus Färber, Dustin D'arnault, Guy Vallez, Reuno, Ben Newman, Veronique Meignaud, Jeremy Enecio, Josh J. Holinaty, Adam Hancher, Jack Teagle, Jack Hudson, Hellen Jo, Sam Bosma, Frederik Jurk, Ines Geißer, Sebastian Stamm, Daniela Witzel, Nina Kaun, Daniel Goffin, Rita Fürstenau, Michael Meier, Benedikt Rohlmann, Markus Lefrançois, Martin Wörister, jeanspezial, Loïc Zimmermann, Björn Rune Lie, Karlo Ghokasian, Alberto Vazquez, Lisa Röper, Johnnes Kalden, Liesbeth de Sterke, Lore Smolders, Anton Van Steelandt, Nils Knoblich, Alexander Draude, Leo Riegel, Stacey Rozich

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