Photo Frame

Oil on wood. 60cm x 50cm. 2007


I know some of you have already seen this painting, but I wanted to make it a part of the project. Later on I’m going to upload the first paintings I’ve done in France :)


I also wanted to share with you that this week I’m opening my online print shop!!!

You’ll be able to purchase prints of some of my paintings and photos :D



"As you wake up, something seems to have finally surpassed the sadness this morning. You have not slept or eaten much in several days but, even though you may not notice, an alien lucidity is taking over. Today you will look at your unbearable pain for the two hundredth time and find new shadows and lines, for you are standing on the outside now. Events appear as stories told by third party foreigners, strip comics by dead or nonexistent people. Grief seems to be gone, but just because it's right there under your own feet.


After going through dark hell for so many days, looking as if it would never reach an end, it's good to remember… Everything ends, love and pain, indifference and boredom, extreme happiness, money and success, sickness and fear, kisses and laughter, grief and solitude, they all END, even if with the arrival of death. So don't panic, don't celebrate. Whatever it is, it's not going to last. You won't stay within the frame forever.


Looking at pain from a higher place satisfies you in a bitter strange way, as it sends you into this peaceful, gloomy and somewhat cynical state. You wonder if this is how freedom feels like: not needing any hope anymore. Idiot, you say to yourself, it was about to happen."


Text by D.

All rights reserved.





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Uploaded on September 30, 2008