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Oil on wood. 60cm x 50cm. 2007

I know some of you have already seen this painting, but I wanted to make it a part of the project. Later on I’m going to upload the first paintings I’ve done in France :)

I also wanted to share with you that this week I’m opening my online print shop!!!
You’ll be able to purchase prints of some of my paintings and photos :D

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"As you wake up, something seems to have finally surpassed the sadness this morning. You have not slept or eaten much in several days but, even though you may not notice, an alien lucidity is taking over. Today you will look at your unbearable pain for the two hundredth time and find new shadows and lines, for you are standing on the outside now. Events appear as stories told by third party foreigners, strip comics by dead or nonexistent people. Grief seems to be gone, but just because it's right there under your own feet.

After going through dark hell for so many days, looking as if it would never reach an end, it's good to remember… Everything ends, love and pain, indifference and boredom, extreme happiness, money and success, sickness and fear, kisses and laughter, grief and solitude, they all END, even if with the arrival of death. So don't panic, don't celebrate. Whatever it is, it's not going to last. You won't stay within the frame forever.

Looking at pain from a higher place satisfies you in a bitter strange way, as it sends you into this peaceful, gloomy and somewhat cynical state. You wonder if this is how freedom feels like: not needing any hope anymore. Idiot, you say to yourself, it was about to happen."

Text by D.
All rights reserved.

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Please take a moment to see the rest of the series to which this painting belongs!

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  1. Qamar* 75 months ago | reply

    ok! now thats nice!

  2. whiteoakart 75 months ago | reply

    Your paintings are absolutely fascinating. They are beautiful and frightening at the same time.

    Regarding pain, as a younger person, I was a competitive miler. If anything can teach you how to deal with pain, running a mile as fast as possible is it. As a result, I have a very high tolerance for physical pain. I can turn it on and off at will. Same with cold. I can walk outside in 20 degree weather in a t-shirt and convince myself that the cold feeling is an illusion, which it is.

    Emotional pain is another story. Generally, I don't necessarily want to alleviate emotional pain prematurely. It would really suck if someone I loved died and I wasn't horribly distraught. I would hate myself.

    Depression, on the other hand, is not emotional pain. It is a disease. It is like those disorders where you feel physical pain from an amputated limb. When I hear someone ask a depressed person, "why are you depressed?" I want to slap them.

  3. Safe to Believe 75 months ago | reply

    Your art is so pretty and emotionally charged! Wow I am impressed by the beauty of it!

  4. RossinaBossioB 75 months ago | reply

    thank you all for your compliments :D

    whiteoakart: Well David, you seem to have done everything in life ;) I very much admire people who can deal with physical pain in such way...I'm definitely not like that...

    Regarding depression, I've experienced the will to slap some doctors for asking such question...but I have a problem with the term 'disease', because it's putting depression on the same level as a common clinical disease with specific symptomatic manifestation and a medical treatment to be submitted to. It’s not simply a lack of dopamine and other endorphins, having as solution to take Prozac or something similar. To me it’s far more complicated…It definitely includes physiological brain factors but it has a great influence coming from the outside, precisely situations that give us emotional pain.

  5. Pagan Moth 75 months ago | reply

    the soul's brief repose..
    i love your series. unmitigated artistry. thank you for dropping by, was a pleasure hearing from you :)

  6. HorribleCreature [deleted] 75 months ago | reply


  7. _isa.marcelli 74 months ago | reply

    je vois énormément de talent par ici......:)

  8. gabearts 73 months ago | reply

    thats amazing

  9. marietta cuxufleta (vendo mis trabajos, de verdad) 73 months ago | reply

    es demasiadooo, en serio, me fascinan tus cuadros....preciosas composiciones, retratos muy profundos, y esa fusión con la atmósfera...buuuf!

  10. Dona Minúcia 73 months ago | reply

    This is adorable.

  11. Redsnap 72 months ago | reply

    wonderful... :)

  12. j image 71 months ago | reply

    This is really quite incredible. You have a style and color palette which is completely your own, and a portfolio that stuns.

    What an artist. Thanks for sharing. :)

  13. Ricardo Falcão 71 months ago | reply

    nice to find someone on flickr whose work deserves and demands time to be appreciated.
    that is...whose work one enters and it speaks loudly an osmosis between viewed and viewer, the seen and the projected...
    love your work without a particular reason for it. the way you express yourself through it, technically, what is said and written, chosen to voice it. i'll be around looking at it. thanks rossina bossio
    ricardo f.

  14. sofiakatarina 70 months ago | reply

    you're amazing!

  15. Charlesfuller 69 months ago | reply

    Lol amazing so dreeeamy...

  16. Fabiân La Rosa [deleted] 65 months ago | reply

    me gusta.....mucho

  17. Magda Vacariu 47 months ago | reply

    love your style. this is my favorite.

  18. Photo--Graphy [deleted] 45 months ago | reply


  19. polopop2-FaustoVaccari 33 months ago | reply

    complimenti per i tuoi lavori

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