• Oh. This. Is so perfect. Just everything. I love the purple hues. The entire mood to this. So upsetting because of the dress falling off, the posture - zoe.brown.
  • This just blows my mind. So perfect! - Farbenflut
  • this is too beautiful, the editing's perfect, ahh i love the purple-ish tones - Eduardo Acierno
  • the arched back looks so sad and full of emotion. this is a very beautiful picture!!! - Beata Rydén
  • i want live with you ^^ what a beauty place Rosie; your dress and hair omg perfect - some_stuff
  • oh my word. wow wow wow wow. - Donna Irene.
  • Essas rosas e o vestido são
    fantásticos! - Ster :)


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my camera battery died halfway through taking this, which meant I couldn't do an expansion. it's a shame because this place is really beautiful, I'd like to show you more of it... for another time perhaps.

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