That Sinking Feeling

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    Everything goes away
    Yeah everything goes away
    But I'm gonna be here until I'm nothing
    But bones in the ground
    So quiet down

    Always Gold by Radical Face

    This is absolutely my new favourite song. Gotta love that band. Seriously, don't think I've ever heard lyrics more beautiful, or music which sounds more like what feelings feel like. If you haven't had ear-gasms yet with Radical Face, please take the time to do so now! :)

    This image is a bit of an experiment to me - I've been observing half-underwater shots for a while now, and came to the conclusion that there was no way I was gonna find out if my camera was waterproof, so I decided to try and fake it.

    Everything here is pretty much edited on - stock water images, stock underwater images, stock waves (seriously, no water for miles in this location!) but the city is really there in the background. The before/after of this shot can be found on my
    Tutorials/Facebook! page!

    This image will be one of many many images included in my new tutorial videos. Basically, you'll be able to see me edit this from start>finish on free editing software, using techniques anyone can easily pick up. So then, you can try your own cool i'm-half-underwater shot! Whether or not you decide to smear yourself with mud beforehand is your own call ;)

    For other pics and updates etc, check out:

    twitter / blog / website! / formspring

    Or for a shoot enquiry just shoot me an email to :D

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    1. Angie.Johnson 14 months ago | reply

      Very creative ~

    2. SleepingBear 14 months ago | reply

      Clever, love your titles too !!

    3. Joseph LGA. 12 months ago | reply

      this is amazing, even the little airplane, is just a detail but looks great and it makes the photo more likeable. And of course the water effect looks great too. congrats!

    4. fotohama 12 months ago | reply

      Very very great Cinema

    5. MarcoBekk 11 months ago | reply

      perfect, just perfect.

    6. peterpics1 9 months ago | reply

      Excellent work

    7. leondoddsphoto 9 months ago | reply

      You, are one of my favourite photographers on Flickr!

    8. kylemhines 7 months ago | reply

      I found all of your work through the latest Being As An Ocean album shot - and you're definitely one of my new favorite photographers/artists. Definitely going to be an inspiration from now on, and seeing that you listen to radical face (I thought I heard it on this video actually, maybe it was electric president?) just made me like you a million times more hahaha.

    9. Sal Val 6 months ago | reply

      This is my favorite. Anyway you are one of my favorite artists! I'm in love with your work and vision...and you're so young ! ❤️❤️❤️

    10. zawaski 2 months ago | reply

      beautiful work

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