You burn so bright, 'till you illuminate

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    Someone asked me the other day, "why photography?" And at first my mouth wanted to start talking about how I was just "so in love" with it. And then I stopped, and actually thought about it.

    Yes, I love photography. I love it more than a whole lot of things in this world, including many desserts and sadly many people. But there are things I love more. I love the blur of colours constantly surrounding my eyes, filling them up and changing. I love walking home at night with my headphones drowning out my mind, mouthing along to the lyrics because at that moment they all seem to make so much sense. I love looking out of the windows on trains and noticing the smallest things that would usually have passed me by, and following that piece of lint floating round the room for minutes at a time. I love all of this far more than I love photography. Photography allows me to remember it all, it allows me to enjoy it all because as a photographer, my life is utterly complete and utterly my own to enjoy at my own pace. As photographers, we can do whatever we want with our lives and it was only when someone asked me "Why photography?" that I really really realized why I am in love with it. Photography let's me live, it let's me feel alive. And damn, that came across way more dramatic than I intended it to, but hey ho, what's life without a few metaphors once in a while!

    Speech over, this is the Gorgeous (with a captial G) Elena from Russia!
    For outtakes, behind the scenes and tutorials on this image & shoot, hop on over to....

    twitter / blog / website! / formspring / facebook

    Fellow photographers, we are so lucky. Group internet high five!!!

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    1. OliviaRena 23 months ago | reply

      As ravishingly beautiful as the portrait is, the speech is the highlight.

    2. Sah_Torres [deleted] 22 months ago | reply

      Esta imagem é linda! Adorei as cores e a tonalidade do cabelo é fantástica!

    3. plankke 22 months ago | reply

      This is such a stunning photo :)
      Is there anywhere i could find outtakes for the shoot/ tutorials on editing etc?

    4. Jorge Luis G 20 months ago | reply

      Nice colors! Excelent shot!

    5. Krisna Setiawan 19 months ago | reply

      Nice picture, Rosie...!!

    6. Karim Achalhi 18 months ago | reply

      Hi Rosie, I liked the picture but not more than the text that you wrote !! I totally agree with you for the answer " why photography ? " ^^ =)

    7. dvux 18 months ago | reply

      great format, great colors, great pose and a great model
      this seems like a great photographer ;)

    8. Howard Brodsky 14 months ago | reply

      Hi! I am Howard, aka Camera Truth, and I am The Eyes of "'Howard and Caz's Gallery (HCG)". Your work is professional, and incredible, and I hope you take the time to post it to "HCG", which represents the finest, eclectic group of images on Flickr.

      This stamp of approval signifies that this picture has attained "the" designated professional standards for admission to HCG, and has been personally gauged & accepted by myself for the "Gallery Area", where I have the final word for admission. This work of yours is truly wonderful, and very beautiful. Congratulations! -- Howard (Camera Truth).

      P.S. If this is an invitation to "HCG", an administrative invite will accompany this Stamp of approval….look beneath your picture)………Thanks again..

      HCG approval by Cameratruth2.

    9. Luc H. 13 months ago | reply

      Excellent !!!

    10. Daniel Coulmann 7 months ago | reply

      Very lovely!
      Fits just perfect in my gallery

    11. 6 months ago | reply

      Love your photography....but also love how mature and wise you are at your age! I only wish I had been that introspective in my 20s!

    12. 6 months ago | reply

      Love your photography, but your words make the photographs mean so much more to your audience! You are wise beyond your years!

    13. Diluflo 4 months ago | reply

      Excelente retrato.

    14. gator3535 2 months ago | reply

      Beautiful strong image - the colours and tones are fantastic

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