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its raining!!!!! these last few days have been just awful, rain rain rain. i've been stuck inside with a cold feeling all blah, trying to shoot indoors but giving up and going to bed early. but today i quit giving up and thought i'd try something in the gross drizzle. shooting with the 400d in woods has always been a struggle for me, my shots tend to look pretty busy with all the foliage and without a super awesome lens to bokeh it out, my blurring attempts on GIMP always look not-very-good. So today i thought i'd try some misting instead, hopefully it did the trick.


So yesterday I actually had a rather fantastic time, because I met Miss Aniela (aka Natalie)! She stopped by in Buxton on her way to Brighton and we had a really good time - she is lovely!! I couldn't get over how nice she was, and you could tell straight away that she knows what she's talking about. She gave me some great business tips and took a couple of pictures together that i'll post up on the blog soon! I love meeting up with people from flickr, I have yet to be disappointed. Damn, i love you guys!!


My first exam went really well, I have my next one tomorrow which I'm going to start revising for. Greek tragedy is my favourite, so hopefully it'll go as well as the last one did.


Anyone else got any exams coming up? How are they all going?

All your revision tips are working - the flashcards did a great job, and i am about to try the revision-to-song tip!! :P


before/after and the usual ramblings up on our blog


haha, the "third leg" is my arm! i was hiding the remote!! :P


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Taken on June 7, 2009