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I just found out that I have been accepted at the glasgow school of art! I am really chuffed! I really didn't think I was going to get in. At my interview they asked me what I disliked about the contemporary art world and I went on a 10-minute rant about Damien Hirst's stuff. But I got in!! I need 2Cs in my A levels to claim my place, and 1E in any subject if I choose to go to Leeds uni. I'm deffering my entry there for a year incase America goes tits up, its always useful to have a plan B.


I feel great! I found another hate website last night, but instead of feeling sorry for myself, I am not going to let it get to me. Bullying is something I've experienced since I started school, and I've noticed that it's even worse on the internet. Anyone who gets hate mail and anyone who gets bullied online I feel for, its surprising how many people do. If I put myself out there like I do then I have no right to complain when it backfires on me, but I really do feel for people who are just minding their own business and they get bombarded with abuse.


But at the end of the day, I've always found that the only way to deal with the negativity that is just a part of life is to try really hard just to be a good person and be as kind, happy and friendly as you can. Because then when you do get abused you can at least say to yourself that you're trying.


A funny video someone sent me to cheer me up :)


What are your views on hate mail and internet abuse flickrites? Have any of you had to deal with it?


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Taken on May 9, 2008