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My bones are shifting in my skin and you my love are gone

My room seems wrong the bed won't fit

I cannot seem to operate and you my love are gone


Still experimenting with lighting a la Tim Walker. I'm happier with it on this one, I did something to the blue curve in the last one and it didn't look right. Just a simple portrait. This is my new dress :)


I was thinking pretty hard today about stuff and the effect its had on me. Its odd, but everytime I reach that level beyond just very sad, I seem to work much harder. I remember being about 13 before it finally kicked in that being a victim was not infact a good thing. I've been reading the newspapers alot lately and its pretty weird. They banned sports days at schools incase kids felt traumatised for losing, a guy with a funny looking beard is suing his work because some colleagues made fun of it, its becoming as though society is changing so that no one should ever ever ever be exposed to possibly being made feel bad about themselves. i'm not sure about everyone else, but everytime i've been made to feel like a loser and an awful person, its always been a character building experience. hmm. makes me wonder how all this affects people. i don't think any of that makes sense, but i just wanted to write down my thoughts.


done now ! :)


edit: i totally agree, this picture doesn't look like me at all - its one of those shots that just doesn't to begin with, and then i edited my mouth to make it less wide (?) and smoothed out my skin abit. Hopefully that explains it abit more!

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Taken on March 10, 2009