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rock bottom

Hey Flickr


First of all, I would like to apologise. I have well and truly fucked up. There are some photos in my stream that deserved artist credit and I didn't give it when I should have - my pride got in the way and now I'm learning the hard way.


The comments, messages and sites set up about me I have recieved over this past week has been a huge learning curve. I've been taken down a lot of pegs and I'd like to thank a few people. The people who have stuck up for me, not for what I did but stuck up for me as a person, thankyou. You are true friends and I appreciate you all SO much. The people who don't like me and/or my work who never felt the need to say anything - thankyou. The people who have said things that were blunt and sometimes kind of cruel - thankyou. I've been SO wrapped up in myself lately, it was destroying my relationships and turning me into someone who wasn't nice or good. Sometimes it takes a big kick up the ass to get me into gear, and the one delivered this week certainly did the trick.


Second of all, Aaron went home yesterday. I've pretty much been a nervous wreck, its the worst parting yet. Like any relationship we have so so much to work on and this week its all come out in the open, and now more than ever I need a hug, and now he's back home. My mum has been doing a good job, though :)


I'm going to leave flickr for a while - not because I am disheartened, photography is my passion and I am determined to make good come of everything thats happened. I've hit rock bottom, and now I have to get up. I'm going to take some time to focus on changing what needs to be changed about myself to make me a better person and hopefully a better photographer on the side. I'm going to take up swimming, gymming and having fun in the "real world" some more.


I'll keep on taking photos, but I won't be posting for a while. I'll make up these 365-missing days after my year is up.


So, big thankyous to everyone and a big sorry from me.


Images which should have been credited have been removed.

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Taken on February 23, 2009